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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ayesha Takia's interview on BBC Asian Network's Love Bollywood Show

Ayesha Takia, soon to be seen in Rohit Shetty's Sunday, joined BBC Asian Network's Love Bollywood Show to talk about her new film and what she thinks of her sexy image.

She told Love Bollywood presenters, Raj & Pablo, that semi-nudity - in her opinion - is not something for family viewing and likes Indian women to be respected for their elegance and dignity.

She was asked by Raj & Pablo if she would wear a bikini if Hollywood came calling.

She replied, ''No I wouldn't! As I said, my rules don't change depending on who is offering what. They've always been the same. Obviously my audience like the way I am. I'm not saying I'm going out there wearing a burqa but I'm not going to cross the limit to where people wouldn't want to see my face anymore…. I'm really scared of that.

I'm not comfortable with some things - my audience has expected me the way I am and the things I do and don't do. I like to maintain those limits. When I say this people take this a bit too seriously, they think I won't go out in a short skirt but it's not like that. Levels of decency have to be maintained especially in our country, we live in a city and a very hip society but that's not our country.

I feel that Indian culture is so beautiful and people all around the world look up to us and want to see how elegant and how delicate and traditional our women are, and have been for generations, and we shouldn't let that go. We should try and keep our culture at some's important to be Indian women at some level where people look up to us."

Listen to the interview below (please wait for 24 seconds for it to start)

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