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Friday, February 22, 2008

Video: Shah Rukh Khan's item song - Break Free - in Krazzy 4


Lavs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ravi said...

@Lavs - You're always welcome :)

Take care!

Solitaire said...


Ravi said...

@Solitaire - Close your eyes ;)

Till date, you haven't told me buddy that why r u so against SRK!!!

Take care :)

c e e d y said...

reasons I like SRK he is made it on his own even with setbacks of losing parents earlier in life....a trauma not many can come out of

also he reinvented himself with OSO and hope he takes on challenging roles now...

Ravi said...

@c e e d y - I agree!

However, there is a section of people who hates him like anything!!

Hint: One of them commented on this very article, earlier ;)

Take care!

c e e d y said...

that cant be helped - any creative person has a fan club and hate mail club...

one cannot please everyone can they :)

Ravi said...

@c e e d y - Very true, man!

Sahefa said...

This is wonderful blog!
It has got everything which i want.
Keep up the good work:-)

Ravi said...

@Sahefa - Hi there :)

Thanks for appreciating my blog, Sahefa :)

It feels good to know that people in Pakistan also read my blog!

You also have a gr8 blog out there, mam!!

I hope to keep you entertained with whatever I post here :)

Take Care n Keep Visiting!

Sahefa said...

thank you so much!
i have also added you to my favorite blogs n ihave added you to my hotmai messenger wid ur yahoo account.

Ravi said...

@Sahefa - Okies!

I'll be looking forward to have a conversation with you, through the messenger :)

Till then...Take care!

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