Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aamir, the reformist, Rises again?

Aamir Khan is known to do different things. Differently. After supporting a film like ‘Rang De Basanti’ (It may never have been made if Aamir wouldn’t have agreed to be a part of it), his support for the rehabilitation of the displaced people owing to the building of Sardar Sarovar Dam earned him loads of accolades. Now, it seems Khan is all set to take up another issue. But this time around he is making a film on that.

According to sources, Aamir is going to be producing a film revolving around farmers who are forced to commit suicide when they are unable to meet with the calamity of crop failure. The film has been written and will be directed by former journalist Anusha Rizvi. Apparently Aamir was gravely moved by the script which talks about the alarming suicide rate among farmers.

The story is centred around a broadcast journalist who has been closely following the abominable condition of defaulter farmers and their families. As for the casting, then Aamir wants to bring in real faces for the film and auditions are being held at NDTV’s office in Mumbai. The film will be hitting the floors by Februray-March, 2007. Now, it remains to be seen where does that leaves his other films like ‘Ghajini’ remake and ‘Lajjo’. But if Aamir actually goes ahead and makes such a film as this then it will be a wonderful gesture on the part of the superstar. For, he is using his position to do something for the betterment of the society.

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