Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Arjun Rampal, a superstar?

Arjun Rampal is a fine actor who hasn’t got his due. Having started off with ‘Pyaar Iishq Aur Mohabbat’ this hot body went on to do several films that laid eggs at the box office. ‘Moksha’, ‘Dil Ka Rishta’, ‘Dil Hai Tumhara’, ‘Elaan’, ‘Vaada’, ‘Tehzeeb’, ‘Yakeen’ etc etc. The only films that did decent business have been ‘Aankhen’ (But then it also had Big B, Akshay Kumar, Suhmita Sen and Paresh Rawal too) and ‘Ajnabee’ (Big B once again. If you include bit parts in ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ and somewhat biggie in ‘Don’ then yes Arjun Rampal has been a part of successful films. But yes, the fact remains he hasn’t had a solo hit. And he has been around for almost a decade now.

The question remains then what makes Arjun feel-n-behave like a superstar? He doesn’t keep his promises as far as interviews are concerned. Moreover except for Karan Johar, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and the likes, rest of the world doesn’t merit respect in Rampal’s books. He has been selectively promoting his first home production ‘I See You’ by giving bytes to a few elite news channels. Rest of the mere mortals have to stand in a long queue before King Rampal obliges. Wife Meher Jessia answers his calls and informs that the ‘super cool hot dude’ (whatever that means) is busy in a meeting. And she too fails to honour her commitement of a curt: “call after an hour”. The phone is conveniently switched off there after. SMSs are never answered (even the biggest of stars promptly reply to an SMS when they’re busy).

What one makes from Arjun Rampal’s production plans, is that either he is super confident that ‘I See You’ will work anyway. Or he is sure it’s not gonna work…So why tom tom about it anyway. The film’s stills are dominated by debutante Vipasha Agarwal and to be fair to Arjun, he is looking a hunky dude as well. But the vibes from the promos of the film are absolutely thanda. Let’s see if the film has a few surprises in store.

The final verdict is that Arjun Rampal is a talented actor who needs a crash course in harnessing his PR skills. It’s good to be nice sometimes. After all a warm smile and a confident handshake is always more precious than a smirk sitting in an ivory tower.

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