Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Films that’d make stars cringe!

According to Swati from Glamsham,View Manish Malhotra's Fashion Show Picture Gallery there’s no denying the fact that Indian cinema is evolving by leaps and bounds. The advent of hi tech gizmos and modern technology has made the impossible possible for creative filmmakers. It has opened up avenues to explore the ‘unknown’ and incorporate the same on celluloid. Exotic foreign locations beguile filmmakers, Hollywood technicians are being roped in, obscene amounts are spent on actors’ looks/costumes and we’ve seen special effects like never before.

Today we have top notch make up artistes and designers meticulously doing their job, presenting an unblemished immaculate look onscreen.

Now Rewind!!! Today if actors look back at their earlier films, they’d cringe without a doubt. Obviously fashion had a different connotation then. Times were different and understandably, actors’ gradually evolve in terms of looks and acting. My emphasis being on looks!

The very petite and amazingly beautiful Karisma Kapoor made her debut with PREM QUADI way back in 1991. Compare her outmoded ‘Neelima’ look to the modish ‘Nisha’ in DIL TO PAGAL HAI.

Download Dus WallpapersShe looked like a million bucks when she lately walked the ramp for Manish Malhotra. This is the same ‘Raj Nandani’ of ANARI and ‘Madhu’ of RAJA BABU guys! Can you imagine her gyrating to risqué songs like ‘sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole’ (KHUDDAR) or ‘sarkaiylo khatiya jaada lage’ (RAJA BABU) today? Or remember ‘Hai hukku hai hukku hai hai’ (GOPI KISHAN) opposite Suniel Shetty?

It has undoubtedly been a major metamorphosis for Lolo! And now the gorgeous lady is all set to scorch the silver screen again.

Download Fanaa WallpapersShilpa Shetty’s debut film BAAZIGAR had her in the many frilly frocks which she proudly flaunted then. Kajol and Shilpa seemed to compete in the ‘bizarre dress sense category’ in BAAZIGAR. And if that was not enough, we had Kajol’s tacky blue outfit in YEH DILLAGI in the coffee scene (where Saif Ali Khan fiddles with her coffee) canned in a hotel room.

But one look at DHADKAN or DUS (Shilpa Shetty) and FANAA (Kajol) and you wonder in amazement! You’re left completely awestruck!

Download Madhuri Dixit WallpapersHow can we not mention Madhuri Dixit? The quintessential ‘dhak dhak’ babe of Bollywood! Remember her donning that wacky black outfit in MOHOBBAT (opposite Akshaye Khanna), flashing that jazzy silver chain in the song ‘Chhad Zid Karna’ (Baby don’t break my heart), the red frock in DIL where she innocently directs Aamir to the classroom or the multicoloured garb and hairband in ‘mera piya ghar aaya oh ramji’ (YAARANA). Nonetheless the ‘Madhuri Mania’ is on and her fans are eagerly awaiting her comeback.

So be it Govinda’s outrageously loud dressing sense in the 90’s or Jeetendra’s obsession for white, such trends ruled the roost then.


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