Thursday, December 28, 2006

'I don't mind being an object of fantasy'

Download Dino Morea WallpapersActor Dino Morea confesses that he doesn't have any inhibitions about showing off his sex appeal and that he has no qualms about stripping either.

"But with a reason. I won't just take off my clothes for the heck of it. In 'Raaz' I took off my shirt and had my chest being pawed," Dino told.

In fact, a year back he did a photo-session in a wet sarong in Goa that ranks as the most explicit ever by a male Bollywood actor. Dino is game for more of the same.

"I'm aware that photo shoot went a little further than I had thought. But it was aesthetically done. Moreover, fans like to see that kind of thing. I don't mind being their object of fantasy at all," said Dino

The ebullient actor, who's turned 32, has no inhibitions about being a gay icon.

"Male or female, it's flattering to be fodder for fantasy. Any celebrity who claims otherwise is lying. I love the thought of people out there getting turned on by me. Isn't providing pleasure the No.1 objective of an entertainer?" asked Dino.

At the end of the day, Dino is a family man. To prove it, he headed home to Bangalore to be with his mom and dad for his birthday.

"There's no pleasure greater than family. In any case, birthdays are a bit of an anti-climax for me. I don't enjoy them. The cakes and candles are not my scene. Nor do I like to party on my birthday. I just like to be with my folks."

Did he make any birthday wishes?

Send Fight Club - Ecards"Yes I want my production house to get going as soon as possible. The director and script are in place. Now I'm casting. I want big names."

Dino's brother Santino, however, won't be in the first home production.

"But he's getting ready for the big bang. He has lost plenty of weight and is looking like a million bucks. I think I'll soon have stiff competition at home."

Any marriage plans?

"I'm only 32. Why do I need to get married?

Dino, who forayed into filmdom with "Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi", has featured in films like "Tom Dick And Harry", "Fight Club", "Holiday" and "Aksar" in 2006.


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