Thursday, December 21, 2006

"I hope to maintain my friendship with Bebo"

View Fardeen - Natasha Reception Picture GalleryAmrita Arora is forthright and believes in calling a spade a spade. She has been upfront about all her relationships and her equation with cricketer Usman Afzal is no different. Unlike other actors, she neither denies being into a relationship nor dismisses it as the customary ‘we are just friends’ justification. “Firstly you wouldn’t be in a relationship if you’re ashamed of it. Usman is a great guy. He has been very supportive and pushes me to do better. Usman and I compliment each other,” says the sultry actress.

Her budding camaraderie with Kareena Kapoor a.k.a Bebo comes as a surprise amidst the alleged catfights and bickering in Bollywood. She defies the fact that two actresses can never be friends. “I adore Bebo. We are very close and I hope to maintain my friendship with her,” Amu says effusively, adding, “Bebo and I are an example of the fact that two actresses can be friends.”

Kareena Kapoor too is all praise for Amrita. "I really like that girl. She's fun, easy-going, hassle-free and honest…just like me. I make friends for life. For example my best friend has been with me from school. Amu too will remain with me,” Kareena is quoted as saying in an interview.


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