Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rajpal Yadav rids himself of acrophobia!

Considered the paragon of humour, Rajpal Yadav proves that all good things come in small packages. Few are aware that this powerhouse of talent suffers a morbid fear of heights – which is why he thinks ten times before performing any ‘heightened’ stunts!

However, during the shooting of Priyadarshan's Bhagam Bhag, the comic actor had no choice but to perform stunts; one of them involved jumping off a high rise building! Not only did the actor perform the stunt well, but he says it finally cured his fear of heights and now he can jump whenever and from whichever height without fear!

A proud Rajpal claimed, "Bhagte bhagte, Haste Hasate I didn't even realize I was capable of such things, so this is just one of many pleasant surprises I got from Bhagam Bhag! Now I can jump from any height without any fears!”

Bhagam Bhag is slated to release on December 22nd this year.

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