Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rani might replace Bipasha Basu in Dhoom III
According to , Rani Mukherjee will replace Bipasha Basu in Dhoom 3. Apart from Ash and Uday everyone else is being replaced. Aditya Chopra will replace Director Sanjay, Saif Ali Khan will replace Abhishek and Hrithik by King Khan. So there will be no more Shonali, the cop or Monali, the dreamer and to be truthful there will be no oomph in the movie then! Ash, though she looks fit, has to try hard to sizzle the screen whereas Bips could do it so easily. And Rani I don’t think will look sexier than Bips in a bikini! So altogether no scope for boys to check out Dhoom 3 but girls can of course wait for the Khans to do the magic.

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