Tuesday, December 26, 2006

‘Remakes show you lack creativity’

According to Ranjan Das Gupta from DNA India, Dev Anand is already on to his next film, ‘Where Heartbeats Are the Same’. “It is a 100-minute English film with an international cast. It is about a father-son conflict.”, Dev says. This is an Indo-Croatian venture and is a gift to his countless fans on his 60th anniversary in films.

Anand admits that his film, ‘Prime Minister’, was a mistake saying, “I targeted the multiplexes instead of cinema halls. That was a wrong decision. I should have improved the script at certain points. The film was bold and contemporary.”

He says one can never predict why a film is a hit or a flop. “Some of the most brilliant films in history were flops. But now, I will ensure that there is no lacuna in script and direction,” he explains. Dev believes in moving on. “The heroine in my new film is world class. I am busy with the rest of the casting,” he reveals.

In the meanwhile, his autobiography is ready and is with the publishers. He says, “I don’t want to reveal too much about it now. It will be out early next year. It covers my entire life span, India before and after Independence, my family, my films and people whom I have come across.”

Dev is against remakes. He says, “Why remake old classics? Why not attempt untouched themes? Remakes show you lack creativity.”

Dev Anand has yet another film lined up after ‘Where Heartbeats are the Same.’ He says, “I have a murder mystery, ‘Charge Sheet’ lined up next. It will be about corruption in the police force.” At 83, Dev Anand is obviously unstoppable.


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