Friday, December 29, 2006

Saif Ali Khan gets into Tom Hanks' shoes

Tom Hanks is certainly one of the all time great actors that the world has seen. And now Saif Ali Khan has bagged an opportunity to get into his shoes.

Saif is currently been seen in a leading laptop manufacturing commercial that has him modeled on the character of Tom Hanks in one of his most memorable films - 'Cast Away'.

The film had Hanks in the role of Chuck Noland who is a workaholic and gets stranded alone on a desert island after his plane crashes. Away from his loved one and his haywire lifestyle, he was forced to survive surrounded by the wild.

On the similar theme, the commercial shows Saif returning back to his home with a hairdo and overall appearance similar to that of Hanks in the film. When no one, not even his lady love, is able to recognize Saif, his final resort is his favorite laptop that welcomes him due to his face recognition software.

Truly an innovative advertising campaign!

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