Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saroj Khan choreographs Ash again in 'GURU'

Ever wondered why does Aishwarya Rai look so sensual and beautiful while making her moves in the hit track 'Barso Re' from 'Guru'? You can credit Saroj Khan for that.

Veteran choreographer Saroj, who has made many a actors dance to her tune over the last 50 years. She does so yet again with 'Barso Re' that boasts of some amazing choreography that one has seen in recent times.

A song, which at an onset may sound simple due to its setting being that of a girl dancing in rain, has turned out to be an astonishing piece of art, all thanks to Saroj Khan who has made it look special.

Another popular rain number featuring Ash has been 'Dil Ye Bechain Ve (Taal Se Taal Mila)' from the film 'Taal'. In that case too, the song was choreographed was Saroj Khan.

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