Monday, December 18, 2006

Sophie Rolls on

Veejay Sophie is the chosen one by Rolls Royce to represent India along with artistes such as Pink Floyd, Travis and Roger Sanchez from other countries for a special musical album to be made by the car company, proceeds of which will go for charity.

Sophie informs, “There will be 12 artistes from 12 countries and I will be representing India. I was pleasantly surprised as they called me directly about three months back and I was more than glad to do the album as it has artistes such as Travis and Pink Floyd among others. They have artistes from Cuba, China and other places as well.”

How was she selected? “They liked my music and the fact that I started off as a veejay, then became a singer and now I am an actor. They told me that they picked me to represent India in this cause basically because I am a British-Asian artiste.

“I got to ride the Rolls Royce's Phantom 2007 yesterday with them and it was one of the most interesting cars I have seen. It has all the gadgets in it and I was most impressed by its sound system Lexicon. In fact you can have your own live show with the sound system of Rolls Royce.”

She finally says, “When I was in the Rolls Royce, I felt like a princess. I have many friends in London who have the car but sadly I can't afford it at this moment.”

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