Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sush-Manav headed for splitsville?

Sushmita Sen's much-speculated about relationship with ad-film director Manav Menon seems to have hit a rocky patch. According to sources the actress has not met the fiery-tempered Manav for almost three months.

The relationship was always going to be difficult, says the source what with Manav separated from but still married to his wife who left him to go back to her parents in Pondicherry once the news of Sush-Manav relationship became public. In addition both have hectic work schedules and with Renee growing up Sushmita is very clear that her daughter must approve of her choice of men. For instance, her last boyfriend Randeep Hooda was a big hit with Renee and the two of them continued to meet even after Sush split up with Hooda.

In fact, Hooda's reappearance in Sush's life is something that has become an issue in her equation with Manav. According to sources, Manav wanted to throw a surprise bash for Sush on her birthday on November 19 at a Bandra night-club. Instead Sush chose to keep the celebrations low profile and threw a party of some of her friends at home. One of the invitees was Randeep Hooda while Manav Menon pointedly kept away.

In fact the last time the two of were publicly seen together was at Karachi where Sush had gone for a charity show to raise funds for Imran Khan's cancer hospital and from there the two had travelled directly to Kolkata for the launch of Sush's night-club 'Sssh.' Those present that evening say the sight of Menon mingling with the Sen family had indicated that all was going well with the couple and that Manav was set to become an integral part of the family. Sush had also especially flown in Israeli tarot reader Ofer Cohen to consult on their relationship.

But once the couple returned from the City of Joy things started to cool down between them. Manav is under tremendous pressure from his family over his liaison with Sushmita, says our source. While Sushmita has always been open about her relationships with men be it Vikram Bhatt, Sanjay Narang or Randeep Hooda, Manav had difficulty being in the spotlight.

Sushmita who is travelling was not available for comment but sources say that the actress's priorities have changed busy as she is with her business in Kolkata and her film commitments.

While she will never completely break off from Manav whom she met during a world tour earlier this year—she remains in touch with all her boy friends—it's getting clear that she has moved on in life.

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