Thursday, January 11, 2007

Grow up, Sallu!

The situation seems to be getting out of hand. As if the cold vibes between Salman Khan and John Abraham weren't enough, the chill is now spilling over to Bipasha Basu too. Reportedly, of late, Sallu has been cold-shouldering John's girlfriend at all public functions.

"Bipasha and Salman came face-to-face at the GIFA (Global Indian Film Awards) event and the Salaam-E-Ishq fashion night. Both times, Bipasha went up to greet Salman and say hello, but Salman snubbed her," says a close friend of Bipasha. "He actually looked away. Bipasha is irritated at this childish attitude and has decided not to give a damn either."

Incidentally, Bipasha and Salman have a history of friction, without John being in the picture too. A few years ago, when Sallu and Bipasha had gone on a world concert tour along with several other stars, there had been some problems. Apparently while other actresses had toed Salman's line, Bipasha had not stood up to him. Sallu, in his inimitable style, had tried to cow her down, but not succeeded, what with Bips being really spirited and all. Naturally, this show of spirit hadn't gone down well with Sallu.

Now, with John thrown into the picture too, the child in Salman Khan seems to be resenting Bipasha Basu all the more. Hence the cold vibes and the snubs.

Will some people never grow up?

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