Friday, January 26, 2007

John over the Moon about Water

John Abraham says he's as excited as a school child about Water making it into the Oscars short-list for Best Foreign Film.

"Isn't that something? Such a proud moment for all of us. I spoke to Deepa in Toronto after the announcement. Between the two of us, I can't decide who's more excited. We all worked so hard on the project. I worked on my diction, my body language…I even learnt to play the flute. "
John intends to join Deepa in LA to campaign for the Oscar. But at the moment he's looking forward to the release of Salaam-e-Ishq. "Though I got a lot of flak for my last release Baabul I'm quite happy with the way my career is going."

Speaking on Water John says, “Not too many people in India have seen it. And I didn't tom-tom it. It's such beautiful film. In Canada Water has catered to an all-white audience. And they were completely taken aback. We've never had reactions like that before. For them the whole concept of the film was alien. It's one thing for audiences here to call out 'John Abraham'. It was quite another when they did it there. I was proud. If I've to reach to a global audience I'd rather do it through a film on an Indian theme like Water.

John says he has had offers from abroad. "I've had offers. But I don't want to proclaim, like other actors out here, that I'm doing a Hollywood project. Here they don't seem to know the difference between Hollywood and any other international project. I wouldn't like to make a fool of myself by making such proclamations. There's no offer that I'd like to talk about. I'm considering some."
Is he doing Deepa's next? "Yeah…but we still need to finalize dates. Honestly, for the other role she needs Mr Amitabh Bachchan. Only he can do justice to it. He's a rock star. Mine is more a Bhagat Singh kind of a role."

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