Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kangana's bodyguard is a journalist!

A really wild story doing the rounds is that Kangana has got herself a bodyguard named Moin given to her by Aditya Pancholi for her safeguard.

Kangana has a good laugh over that one. "First of all I don't need a bodyguard and that too one given by Aditya Pancholi? Why should he get me a bodyguard? If I need one I'll get one myself. Secondly Moin is a journalist and a dear friend and almost a guardian.

He's much senior to me and very small in physique and frail. If anything happens, I'd have to act as his bodyguard."

Kangana is tired of insinuations about her and Aditya. "I thought these talks would stop by now. Aditya and his family are very dear to me. Such nonsense is making things awkward for all of us. Aditya's daughter Sanaa and I go to Kathak class together. Adityaji treats me exactly like Sanaa. Why should we allow people to spoil things between us? It's even said that I live in an apartment belonging to Aditya. That's so ridiculous. I live in a rented place. And I plan to buy my own place as soon as I collect enough money."

Kangana is adamant about keeping romantic complications out of her life. "It's a big headache to have a boyfriend, whether he's more successful or less successful than me, a boyfriend is still trouble. I'm too free-spirited to run my life according to any other person's whims and fancies."

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