Thursday, January 4, 2007

Now 'Nayee Padosan 2'

Sequels and remakes are the current fad in Bollywood. The latest to join the bandwagon is choreographer turned director B.H. Tharun Kumar, who is making the sequel of his comic film NAYEE PADOSAN. Titled NAYEE PADOSAN 2, the film will star a new face in the title role, while two of the three male leads will be repeated in the sequel -- Aslam Khan and Vikas Kalantri as also Rahul Bhat, who enacted a significant role in the first part.

What prompted Tharun to start NAYEE PADOSAN 2? “People were curious to know whether or not there would be a sequel to NAYEE PADOSAN. Even the distributors of the film kept enquiring about it. In fact, the same distributors are also backing the new installment, which speaks for itself,” Tharun adds.

Ikram Akhtar, who had penned the original, has also written the script of the sequel. “NAYEE PADOSAN 2 is far more hilarious than the first part. The screenplay abounds in entertaining moments,” he says. Tharun plans to shoot a major chunk of NAYEE PADOSAN 2 at Ramoji Rao Studios, while a substantial portion will also be shot near the India-Pakistan border. “The permissions are being sought currently,” Tharun reveals.

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