Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rakhi-Mika kiss-n-tell not over yet
While the year gone by will go down in the public memory as a year of kiss and tell – especially for the fans of item girl Rakhi Sawant - 2007 promises to have much more in store.

The Rakhi-Mika kiss episode is far from over. In fact, the pop singer – who invited the bombshell’s wrath for having “outraged her modesty” – thinks the episode was indeed worth making a song and dance about.

He has gone ahead and made a music video with the singer duo Meet Brothers.

Though it’s quite clear who Mika seems to be making fun of, the one question everyone in this video seems to be asking is - aye bhai tune pappi kyun li (Hey brother, why did you kiss?).

This exclusive scoop lies with the Meet brothers.

“He loved her and so he kissed her, and of course, she encouraged him by applying cake all over him,” say the singer duo Harmeet and Manmeet.

Rakhi's reaction to Mika kissing her made just as much news as the kiss itself. But another thing that shouldn't go down too well with Ms Sawant is that Mika and the Meet Brothers have used a male voice to dub for Rakhi's character.

Rakhi is not to be underestimated. She has promised to strike back a video of her own to counter Mika's musical attack.

But for now, the lady can’t do much as she's stuck at Bigg Boss's house.

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