Saturday, January 27, 2007

Shilpa stays in

/photo.cms?msid=1480135 For Shilpa Shetty, being the center of a racist row sure came with its perks. She has survived yet another eviction from Big Brother's house - which means she is still in the race for the mega bucks that the celebrity winner will walk away with.

From being the “Shilpa who?”, she has now come to represent "beauty with dignity and poise" - from the least popular housemate in the reality show, Shetty became a victim of racism and thus, is now the top contender having survived yet another eviction. Shetty’s friend and confidant Jermaine Jackson, is proving to be her biggest competition on the show.

According to the betting pundits, Shilpa is still leading, but next in line is Jackson.

Support for Jermaine could stem from two reasons: firstly, he comes across as the least controversial resident in the house and second, the British TV audience might not want to make an example of Shilpa after the racial row and support Jermaine who also happens to be of coloured decent.

Expectedly, the racist row has been as a blessing in disguise for not only for Shilpa, but also for the show since its ratings are now soaring. The channel chief Kevin Lygo has gone on record to say:

"This was in danger of being the most boring Big Brother that we'd had in many years.... and then suddenly this argument erupted, which was taken on by the media and erupted into this extraordinary story.”

As the show progresses, with Shilpa having to compete with her closest confidant in the house, viewers of the show can look forward to some more fireworks!

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