Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sush-Mallika’s mutual fascination

The intrepid Mallika Sherawat has an unlikely supporter in Sushmita Sen.“I think that she has a lot of spirit and spunk and tremendous audacity,” says Sushmita of the oomph girl.

“To have come from where she has and to establish her own identity isn’t easy. But she has done it,” she adds.

Tell her that Mallika looks up to Sush as a role-model too and the actor smiles and says, “Really? I haven’t met Mallika. But the little that I know of her, I like her.”

Coming back to her career, Sush says, “Every role that I’ve played has been a stepping stone towards my goal. To get to a summit you need to climb step by step.”

She continues, “I knew I had to work hard to get there. Some people get there more easily than others. But that’s life.” Unapologetic about any move, she confesses,

“Maybe, I’ve made some major mistakes in my career. I continue to make them even today. But that’s part of the growing experience.”

So what keeps Sushmita growing? “The one thing that nourishes me constantly is my self-identity. I’m very comfortable with who and what I am. I am an actor only when the camera is on. The minute it’s off I go back to being myself. I can’t be an image. I’ve to be a real person. I have to be absolutely me.”

Ask her what that means and she replies, “It’s an enigma even to me at times. It’s someone only I know, and that too once in a while.


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