Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Water finally to release in India

Deepa Mehta is having mixed feelings right now, she is nervous and the same time excited and why not? First of all her film Water is selected as the Oscar entry from Canada in the Best Foreign Language Film and now the highly debated film from the element trilogy is going to be released in India on the February 23.

In fact, the film’s shoot was stalled in Banaras by Hindu fundamentalists, which forced Deepa to shift her location to Sri Lanka with a different name and cast. Even when the film was making raves for its brilliant performances the Indian distributors were afraid to release the film due to threat from extremists. Water however, is finally releasing next month, in India.

Incidently, the Indian audiences can expect a bombardment of a variety of films on Feb 23, not one or two but eight films are supposedly to be released on the same day. The list includes Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd, Just Married, 1:40 Ki Local, Provoked, Chooriyan, Nishabd, Red and Water of course.

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