Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When a cabbie didn't recognize Hrithik Roshan

Be it onscreen or in real life, when Hrithik Roshan appears, girls go weak on their knees and boys try to notice every small detail about his style. The green eyed boy became a superstar over night with his debut film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and since then, he has been consistently climbing the ladder of success. He rocked the year 2006 with two superhit films Krrish and Dhoom 2. Both the films have proved that Hrithik is a powerhouse of talent. With Krrish, Hrithik became the first onscreen Indian superhero and has become the favourite actor among children and Dhoom 2 has made him a god of style. So, what would you say to a person who fails to recognize Hrithik Roshan even when Hrithik is sitting and talking with that person?

Shocked? Well, an incident like this happened with Hrithik once when he was in London. He took a cab in the city and on the way struck a conversation with the driver. To his horror, Hrithik realized that the cab driver had no idea who he was and was talking with Hrithik just like another passenger. Hrithik did explain to the cabbie that he was a big filmstar in India, but the mild reaction from the driver didn’t really make the young Roshan happy.

To his luck however, when the cab stopped at one of the signals, a group of Indian girls spotted Hrithik in the cab and started screaming and pounding on the cab. It was then that the driver realized whom he was giving a ride. Hrithik says it was the moment when he felt that God must’ve heard him. He was never happier to be surrounded by his fans than at that moment in his life. The cab driver then didn’t take money from Hrithik. In fact, he asked him for his autograph instead. Now, this is what we call star power.

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