Saturday, March 10, 2007

Akshay to perform extreme sports in Thums Up ad

Akshay Kumar has been the popular celebrity brand ambassador for Thums Up, performing extreme stunts and high-adventure action. But now, the brawny actor is going to take this act to the next level in the new campaign for the cola-drink.

He will be performing the extreme sport of Yamakasi in the television commercial, the tagline being “Anything for Thunder”. According to the company, this sport has never before been seen in India. Yamakasi literally means "strong body, strong spirit, strong person", though in French usage its meaning is closer to "high energy".

, who is trained in martial arts, is said to be the perfect endorser for Thums Up as his personality matches with the brand personality. This commercial is slated for a summer release this year.

Akshay recently also did an ad for Microsoft’s hit brand X-Box 360 with cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

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