Monday, March 12, 2007

The 'andar ki baat' about Hrithik Roshan!

Salman Khan has done it so have Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Deol and no one can stop Hrithik Roshan from doing it. Yes, we are going to let you have the 'andar ki baat' about Duggu!

According to sources, Hrithik Roshan has signed on a major vest brand and will soon be asking all the guys out there to wear his preferred choice of whites.

Reportedly, he has been paid a huge remuneration for it.

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Sakhi said...

1)Thanks for dropping by and putting in an effort to leave a scrap.
2)Nice page you've got here, yourself though. And man! You put in a lot of work here too (with the links and font colour and what not!*whew*).
3)Tobaco,Alcohol,Condoms&Undergarments r alwez th highest payin assignments fr any model.Besides,Hrithik deserves every bit-after Dhoom 2 I mean.
S m i l e