Tuesday, March 27, 2007

British tabloid unveils Shilpa's personal life

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty is basking in fame in England. But with fame comes intrusion of privacy too and Shilpa perhaps has encountered the first intrusion into her private life.

A leading British tabloid News Of The World has revealed the spicy sex life of Shilpa who arguably has the best figure in Bollywood.

Shilpa’s torrid love affair with Akshay Kumar, although a thing of the past now, made waves in Bollywood, and Akshay has now reportedly claimed that he was the first man to bed the sultry actress.

"Shilpa's got a very sexy side and is incredible in bed. She's a lady and made me hold off for years before she would let me sleep with her... but it was worth the wait. The first time we did it was so special, romantic and passionate. It was truly unforgettable " the Newsoftheworld quoted a friend as having being told by Akshay.

"Akshay told us that Shilpa was a very innocent girl when they met. She may not have even kissed a man before they started dating and she insisted on taking things very slowly. Shilpa wanted to hold hands and loved romantic gestures. After a few years though, their relationship moved on to a new level and she felt that she could trust Akshay. I think she thought she was going to marry him and she would never have slept with a man if she didn't think it was serious.”

“After that first time Shilpa wouldn't leave Akshay alone and wanted to spend lots more time with him. He told us that she was truly sensational in bed. He also said that her prim and proper nature soon disappeared in the heat of the moment. She sounded pretty crazy when it came to sex," the friend added.

Shilpa’s romance with Akshay continued till 1998 after which their love crumbled and he started a new relationship with her friend, Twinkle Khanna , whom he later married.

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