Monday, March 26, 2007

Mumbai sways to Shakira's hips


The much awaited concert by Columbian singing sensation, Shakira, got underway at the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai on Sunday night after an hour's delay.

The 5000-something crowd were immediatedly mollified when the hip-shaking songstress launched into a Spanish song from her album Oral Fixation. Soon, she had the crowds chanting her name.

Before every song, Shakira, clad in an midriff-baring outfit, launched into a brief history about how the song came along.

She rocked with the guitar and even performed an act with a mouth organ against a backdrop of sun and moon patterns. Don't Bother, Whenever Wherever and Illegal were some of the numbers she performed to the enthusiastic crowd.

And what better way to end her debut concert in India, and than with the hugely popular Hips Don't Lie number?

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