Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ash unveils photographer pal's exhibition

CLOSE SHOT: The actress came into the grace the occasion for good friend Gautam Rajadhaykshya.
Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai was spotted inaugurating a photo exhibition at London's Sitaray restaurant marking 75 years of Indian cinema.

The actress came into the grace the occasion for good friend and ace photographer Gautam Rajadhaykshya.

"Gautam is too special, it is difficult to put a word, he is iconic in his field and I'm privileged to have had a chance to know him very early in my career. And he has gone on to be a friend to me over the years. Which is what I and my family treasure most,” Aishwarya says.

Gautam's lens has taken in many before Aishwarya, almost from the days of the first stars of 75 years back.

"We are celebrating 75 years of Indian talkies just last month, and therefore it has the earliest that I have shot and then go to the age of Bipasha Basu and John Abraham and Aishwarya. My job was to make sure that all the personalities were covered, that's what I would have liked to do, and I think they've done a marvelous job. I don't see any of the faces missing,” says Gautam.

Over the decades the photographer became as legendary as those he photographed. And Gautam has a simple suggestion why.

“I think I talk a lot, and I think I'm one of those talking photographers who constantly keeps up a conversation from behind the camera and I think that is what keeps them so glued to what is happening that they forget the camera in between. That's probably it because all the other photographers are technically as good if not better. And a lot of them are very good, but I think if my pictures are different it's because they are more conversational,” the photographer says.

The stills of our stars - not so still when Gautam shoots them. And the exhibition gives Brit Indians a chance to see them again through his lens.

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