Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hrithik v/s Hrithik in Krissh 2!

Hrithik Roshan will battle himself in the third installment of the superhero series later this year.

Even though it’s early speculation, sources have confirmed that Rakesh Roshan is toying with the idea of making Krissh battle his evil counterpart in the third installment of the superhero series, after Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh.

The new project will have not one, but two Hrithiks!

A source close to the Roshans camp reveals, “Rakesh is still conceptualising how to take the story forward. He was very impressed by the way Spiderman 2 ended (Toby Maguire decides to give up his super powers), and wants to show that even a superhero is prone to being influenced by the dark side. He is currently working on casting Hrithik in a grey shade as the evil Krissh.”

Another theory doing the rounds is that Roshan Senior was waiting to see the kind of response Hrithik would get in his negative role in Dhoom 2.

“After Hrithik’s powerhouse act in D:2 and the way the audience took to him, Rakesh was excited to experiment with his character in Krissh 2. Hrithik is thrilled to play an out and out negative role. Creatively, he too is on board with his dad about going negative,” adds a source.

Interestingly, the upcoming third installment of Spiderman too has lead actor Toby Maguire wearing a dark spidey suit and struggling to battle his demons.

It is believed that Roshan Senior has had early discussion meetings with the SFX team who worked on Krissh to bounce off ideas on where to take the character and how to develop it.

Stay tuned in!

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