Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Munnabhai 3 on hold

The third installment in the MUNNABHAI series, MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERIKA, has been put on hold for some time. Please don’t press the panic button since the film isn’t shelved. The project is very much on. It’s just that Rajkumar Hirani has decided to make a non-Munnabhai film before he begins MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERIKA.

Hirani is forthcoming when asked about the status of MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERIKA. “I haven’t completed scripting MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERIKA yet. In the meantime, the second script [non-Munnabhai] got over first. So I said, chalo yeh film bana lete hain,” he states.

Hirani rubbishes rumors that MUNNABHAI CHALE AMERIKA has been put on the back burner. “We need to get the script right. There are humungous expectations from the third installment, so we can’t take chances,” he states.

What’s the non-Munnabhai film all about? “It’s a satire on the education system. The casting? We haven’t finalized anyone yet. But we hope to start filming this year, so the casting should happen soon,” Hirani divulges.

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