Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spiderman's Message To Indian Fans

SPIDEY SPEAKS: Tobey Maguire says one can relate to Peter Parker because he's just a regular guy. http://www.spacecast.com/images/spiderman3_rdax_386x574.jpg
For Hollywood actor Tobey Maguire who's spent many months trapped inside a tight, uncomfortable suit to play web-slinging superhero Spider-Man in three films, it just may be time to move on to other things.

In an exclusive interview with CNN-IBN Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand at the World Premiere of Spider-Man 3 in Tokyo, the actor sent out a message for Indian fans of Spidey.

Rajeev Masand: Why is it that Spider-Man has become a character that little boys can relate to and want to grow up to be across the world?

Tobey Maguire: Well, Spider-Man or Peter Parker is just a regular person. He’s not in fantastical circumstances before he becomes a superhero. So it’s like a fantasy where you can imagine yourself being Peter Parker and what would happen if you got those powers. So you can relate to Peter Parker.

Rajeev Masand: What would you say to your fans in India? We are looking forward to the film there.

Tobey Maguire: I would like to say hello and that I hope you really enjoy the film. We have worked hard on it. I haven’t been there yet but I look forward to visiting India someday.

Rajeev Masand: Best of luck, we are looking forward to the film.

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