Saturday, May 19, 2007

Aamir Khan doesn't like awards!

AAMIR-SPEAK: Aamir says he doesn't like to attend those awards functions which he don't have value for.
Many call him pretty much a reluctant star. He tries to stay away from the red carpets and you won’t find him splashed all over the papers or in the news every now and then. But when Aamir Khan is ready to open up to the camera, you don't want to miss it. Do you?

But then he is one actor who believes in keeping his personal and professional lives pretty much away from the media. In a rare interview to CNN-IBN, Aamir did open up and talked about awards, recognition and much more. Excerpts:-

CNN-IBN: Recently, Shah Rukh Khan said in a public function that Aamir Khan doesn't attend award functions. He goes only for the Oscars.

Aamir Khan: Well, Shah Rukh is a close friend of mine and he keeps taking potshots at me. The fact is that I have no objection to film awards per se. I just feel that if I don't have value for a particular film awards, then I don't want to go for that one.

And as of now, except for the National Awards, I don't see any awards ceremonies that I give value to. Because, in my personal experience with these awards ceremonies and my personal understanding of them is that I don't trust them. I don't have any faith in them. So, I just prefer to stay away.

CNN-IBN: After that, Salman did the same thing. He went on to the stage at an awards function, he had to pick up a trophy for you. he picked it up and said Aamir doesn't go for awards functions.

Aamir Khan: Salman should keep it (laughs). Salman and Shah Rukh are both good friends and we get along very well. So, I don't mind when they take digs at me.

Catch the entire interview with Aamir Khan on CNN-IBN at 2130 hours on Saturday and 1530 hours Sunday, IST.

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