Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kangna-Aditya tiff turns sours

What started with Aditya Panscholi allegedly abusing and punching actress Kangana Ranaut in an autorickshaw two months ago, finally ended in a dramatic break-up between the duo inside a police station in Mumbai last week.

went to the Versova police station and lodged a complaint against Aditya for troubling her and forcing her to continue their relationship.

She also said that Aditya has been abusing her on phone and sending her threatening messages. Apparently, she was so petrified of Aditya that she consulted a senior police officer in Mumbai before finally lodging the complaint.

claimed in the complaint that Aditya may harm her and is continuously interfering in her life. Aditya, not to be left behind, has lodged a counter complaint against Kangana saying she is maligning him without a reason.

Says a senior police officer, "Kangana and Aditya have filed complaints against each other and we are looking into the matter." While both of them remained incommunicado, Aditya's wife Zarina refused to comment on the matter.

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