Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Koena refused to go topless

Most actresses would love to be featured on the cover of top international magazines but Koena Mitra turned down a offer from an Indian edition of an international magazine because they wanted her to pose topless.

Koena says the concept was scary. “They wanted a suggestive cover where it looked as if I am not wearing anything on top. They said they would give me a tube top to be on the safe side but readers and my family won’t know that. And how would I face my father after posing for such a cover?” wonders the actress.

Koena adds that the magazine told her that she was the only person whom they could think of who could carry off such a picture. “They said that apart from having a great body there is a lot of dignity on my face. According to them, I have the correct face and body language for such a shoot.”

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prabitha said...

As if she has never gone top less before