Saturday, May 19, 2007

Naya Daur to be back in naya rang!

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After Mughal-e-Azam, 50's hit film Naya Daur has shed its black and white image.

Director B R Chopra's hit film starring Dilip Kumar and Vaijayantimala has now been coloured and will be released again, 50 years after its theatrical release.

And the man behind the project is B R Chopra's son and director Ravi Chopra.

"Lot of youngsters today don't want to see the films which are in black and white. So, I feel that slowly and slowly the message of the film starts getting lost. And classics should be seen for all times to come. Then I decided that I must do something about it," Ravi Chopra said.

The US-based Westwing Studios has overseen the colouring process on a budget of Rs 3.5 crore. The film also has Dolby digital sound. Ravi Chopra, who was only eight years old when the original film was being shot in Igatpuri, Maharashtra, still has fond memories of its making.

"The whole unit was like one big family. They would work till six in the evening and they would come back and play volleyball and badminton. Dilip uncle would organise the food. He used to make 12-egg omlettes and all of us would sit down and tuck in. That's what actually made me feel like joining films because that kind of camaraderie was really beautiful to see," Ravi Chopra said.

After Naya Daur, B R Films will also add colour to some seven black and white classics including Gumraah, Kanoon and Dhool Ke Phool.

The film is set to release in August this year.

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