Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Saif ready to do more ramp-walks

Saif Ali Khan says that walk on the ramp was a great experience and he wouldn't mind doing it again.

"It was certainly not one of the toughest things I've done. It was good fun, just doing something I had never done before," Saif said. "The lighting was fantastic and my entry was terrific, thanks to Meher Jessia's (former Miss India, supermodel and wife of actor Arjun Rampal) planning. The rest was just a cakewalk for me. I just had to take a stroll, that's all. And the music was great," he added.
Friends Meher and Arjun, who invited Saif to walk the ramp, made the job easier.

"Arjun chose some great tracks for me. And that really added to my comfort level on the ramp. It's amazing what the right ambience can do to your spirit. Arjun helped out a lot but it was Meher's show all the way."

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