Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sanjay Dutt gets himself a Ferrari!

Even though the agonising wait for his sentence continues to drag at a snail's pace, Sanjay Dutt seems to be rather optimistic of his ultimate fate and has decided to live life in the fast lane for the time being... literally!

According to sources, Dutt has allegedly got himself a swanky set of wheels - a Ferrari F430 - that he had ordered earlier. The F430 is an eight-cylinder model and costs approximately $168005-$227000 (between Rs 68 to Rs 92 lakhs). On a previous occasion, Dutt had said that his dream car was a Ferrari and it sure looks like his dream has finally come true.

"The car is red in colour and it was in storage at a showroom in Mahalaxmi for a few days. It was delivered to Dutt yesterday," says a source. Despite repeated attempts to get in touch with the deadly Dutt, he was unavailable for comment.

Will the new Ferrari prove to be a lucky talisman? Or a dream ride into freedom? What say Mr Dutt?

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