Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Amitabh Bachchan in Ravi Chopra's Pocketmaar

After Baabul and Baghban, it's time for the prolific Ravi Chopra to conceive yet another project with Mr Bachchan in mind.

Says Ravi Chopra, "We've so far done Baghban and Baabul. I'm now planning Pocket Maar with Mr Bachchan for early next year."

Does the Big B play the title role again as he did in Baghban and Baabul?

"No, this time he plays the victim of a pickpocket's designs. For the man who commits the crime it's just another job done, and finished with. But what about the man who loses, say 10,000 rupees? What repercussions does this loss have on his life? Mr Bachchan will play that man."

Playing the victim isn't new to the Big B. He did it recently in Viruddh and Baghban. But Ravi Chopra has an entirely new character and look planned for the Big B.

Let's wait n watch!

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