Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marigold - Movie Review

Apun Ka Choice: Marigold is riddled with all the clichés that could be seen in bad Bollywood movies. To sum it up, Marigold is an utterly forgettable film. The movie leaves you feeling wilted.

Despite boasting bags of colour, energy and top Bollywood actor Salman Khan, this cross cultural concoction falls halfway between the genres.

Marigold is one of those embarrassing films that deserve to have stayed in the cans forever.

Glamsham: Marigold is a winner. (No idea what made the editor call it a "winner"!!)

Hindustan Times:
Honestly, the experience of watching this Indo-American oddity is pretty close to facing death. If you survive to tell the tale, consider yourself a survivor of a tsunami of pure drivel!

IndiaFM: On the whole, Marigold is a terrible film with gloomy prospects. A sure-shot disaster!

Movie Talkies:
The problem is that the director makes no attempt to create a plot which could be remotely interesting. In fact, barring the presence of Salman Khan, the film has little else to offer. It's quite a poor attempt at bringing the two - Hollywood & Bollywood - together.

New York Times:
Marigold isn't quite the lark it could be. It doesn't really have Bollywood's antic, anything-goes quality, and Mr. Carroll's script lacks punch and dimension.

Now Running:
Marigold, an aesthetically shot love story.

Marigold: Salman's worst mistake!

Times Of India:
A bit more energy and the film could have been a sweet crossover romance.

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