Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sony Pictures to release 1550 theatricals of Saawariya

This Friday, August 24, a new history in the entertainment business is about to be created.

Sony Pictures, who are readying their first Bollywood film Saawariya, will release a record number of theatrical trailers for the film.

According to sources, Sony will release 750 trailers of Saawariya in India and another 800 globally.

"This is some kind of a new record," says a Sony source. "No Indian film has got such a widespread first look."

The theatrical trailer of Saawariya with its mélange of exhilarating songs and dances is a stunning work of art, showing the much-awaited Ranbir-Sonam combination in a kind of ethereal fantasy- world frozen in a swirling surge of silences, songs and dances.

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