Friday, September 14, 2007

Chak De! India enters management books

Chak De! India team gets another reason to smile.

The word Chak De! India not only drove them to win the world Cup in the film but now, has created its magic on MBA students as well.

Chak De! India will make its entry in textbooks of Business schools as a case study!

The subject dealt in Chak De! India and curriculum of business schools might be poles apart. However, Chak De! India boasts about a magnificent inspiration taken by management schools from various places in India.

Says YRF spokesperson, Monika Bhattacharya, "We have been getting mails from institutes in Chandigarh and Bhopal saying that they are including the film into their curriculum."

Chak De! India team, especially SRK and the director Shimit Amin have felt extremely proud to make such an inspirational film.

Says Monika," It's feels great as it is a matter of honour. We didn't probably expect that the film would have such kind of effect on the youth and inspire people in such a way. I think it's very heartening."

Before Chak De! India, Lagaan and Corporate were included in management syllabus.

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