Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dhokha - Movie Review

Apun Ka Choice: Dhokha is not a path-breaking film, but it deserves to be seen solely because of the secular message that it gives. The movie, sort of, holds a mirror to the society.

Dhokha, Pooja Bhatt's third directorial outing after Paap and Holiday, is unarguably the most relevant of her three films because it touches upon themes that are significant and critical.

DNA India:
Pooja Bhatt makes a brave attempt to make a socially relevant film with Dhokha, focussing on the alienation of the minority community and the psyche of a suicide bomber. But she leaves it half- baked by simplifying the whole issue and reducing it to a casual game of cops and robbers.

A capable director with a vision to see the end result in the beginning is what is required. Pooja Bhatt excels in this role with Dhokha. She has a winner in the script and she whips up a fine performance from all the characters to present an educative film that stirs the emotions within you - hate, anger, betrayal, helplessness, hopelessness.

Hindustan Times:
The theme has its abiding relevance, and is dealt with a degree of courage. Now only if Pooja Bhatt's skills as a director matched her heart pangs.

IndiaFM: Powerful. Thought-provoking. Disturbing. That sums up Dhokha, directed by Pooja Bhatt. On the whole, Dhokha is a well-made film.

Movie Talkies:
Pooja Bhatt's Dhokha is to be lauded for the sincerity of its intent and for the fact that the film has a point to make. And even though it is a little laboured at times, and simplistic at others, it is a valid one.

Now Running:
Dhokha, with its renewable but non-derivative topicality, washes away the sins of excessive inspiration that plagues present-day cinema in Hindi.

The film, directed by Pooja Bhatt, seems to be a lecture to the Hindu community in India about the serious issue of terrorism.

Times Of India: Dhokha might have worked magically, like Chak De! India, if the film had not been didactic and indulged in long soliloquies about integration, assimilation and one nation.

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