Thursday, September 20, 2007

International musician Yanni to compose for Akbar Khan's Changhez Khan

Ever since he made his last film Taj Mahal, filmmaker Akbar Khan always wanted to work on his dream project Changhez Khan.

He wanted to mount this ambitious project on a grand scale with some international names in the cast and crew of his film. While he is considering many international names, the one artist he confirms is world famous music composer Yanni.

"International composer Yanni will do the music of Changhez Khan", confirms Akbar Khan. "The film is going to be in English".

Ask him about the starcast of the film and he says, "It's too early to speak on that as I am still finalizing the final draft of the script which will take some time. But the cast will have some international names for sure".

Here's one of my all time fav video of Yanni. The song's name is Nightingale. I simply love the flute in this peaceful. I sometimes listen to this song while driving or just chilling out@home!


ANGELA said...

Thanks this is great news! I have great news also to share. There`s a brand new video of Yanni, and his new artists to the Yanni website.

Yanni is adding vocals to his music. In this video Yanni introduces you to "Voices" Ender Thomas and Chloe. He also reveals more music and info on, Leslie Mills and Nathan Pacheco, from his other videos.

Watch for the upcoming launch of Yanni`s new website. Look for it in the next few weeks! Plenty of news, and updates.

Also, be sure to check out for plans of a "2008 World Tour.

If you like check out Yanni's Official channels on MySpace and YouTube!

Go to will truly enjoy it.

Ravi said...

@ANGELA - Hey, thanks for the info!

I would definitely check out his videos :o)

Thanks for dropping by, mam :o)

Take care!