Thursday, September 13, 2007

Preity wants to shed 'bubbly' image

Bollywood's original Ms Bubbly wants a break from her image and she has chosen the art route to do it.

Preity 'bubbly' Zinta is getting a portrait of herself done by Anjanna Kuthiala , who otherwise paints only her muse - Shah Rukh Khan.

"Preity wants to break free from her chirpy, bubbly and happy-golucky image. So, my painting will show her in a serious avatar," Anjanna says. And how did the switch happen - from painting only SRK to painting Preity now?

"Preity was initially hesitant when I told her about making her my new muse. She said people would think she loves herself to madness and is vain enough to decorate the walls of her house with her own paintings," says Anjanna, adding, "But Preity's house doesn't have a single picture of her.

And I told her that the only other actor who doesn't have his pictures adorning his walls is SRK. She doesn't want to be painted as a cool and casual chick. She demanded two things in the painting - a complete change of her personality type and the touch of Himachal Pradesh.

She told me, 'I want the old Rajput look and the painting should be an antithesis of my image."

So, Anjanna is all set to paint her in Veer-Zaara style with a veil covering her face.

Howzzat for an image makeover, Preity?

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