Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shah Rukh Khan loves his new look

Everyone is well aware that SRK has been sporting a new lean look these days along with a new long hairstyle. However SRK's new lean look is the result of extremely rigorous workouts and diet control.

Shahrukh now sports a fab six pack abs, as he had to do a sensational dance sequence in his upcoming flick, Om Shanti Om.

SRK has been working out rigorously to get a lean six pack abs and doing this at the age of 42 and that too with his recent back operation has proved to be quite a task!

Nonetheless the King Khan has been dedicated in getting the task done and has almost achieved his desired body with the help of his trainer Prashant Sawant.

But this too has come at a price and SRK frequently experiences cramps in his legs and his trainer claims this is due to his low carbohydrate, high protein diet.

Prashant says, "It's a minor thing. He has almost given up carbohydrates and that's why he keeps getting these frequent cramps." SRK has been alternating between cardio exercise and weight training for the last four months.

Despite all the discomforts SRK is extremely proud of his new lean look!

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