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Glimpses from Mr.& Mrs. Dutt - Memoir of Sunil and Nargis Dutt

Nargis often wore a ribbon in her hair when she was young. It's unclear whether she and Sunil Dutt are pulling off or trying to put on little Sanjay's pants!

Mid Day culls out the personal notes in Mr. And Mrs. Dutt, a memoir of Sunil and Nargis Dutt.

# Nargis' tender letter to Sanjay, while he was studying at Lawrence boarding school, Sanawar near Kasauli:

Darling son Sanjay,

After I left you in school I was terribly disturbed - you were crying and I was feeling very bad. Sanjay - I know my boy that you must be missing home and me, we miss you too.

The house is empty without you - but Sanjay you must try to understand that it is for your own good - you will be a good student - and study well over there - Your results there are much better than what they were in Bombay. Now you have promised to do even better and I promise I will come to see you every month - you know you are our only son and we have great hopes on you - You must study hard and become a big man so that you can look after us in our old age.

So no more crying - pay attention in your class - there is plenty of time for you to play - please Sanjay for my sake be more attentive in your class. You must do this much to please your mother - I hope you secure better marks. Be a good boy; don't give any chance to your teachers to be angry with you anytime.

Promise me that you will study well - look after yourself you are a big boy - we love you too too much, you know that - God bless you and keep you away from all harm.

With all my love and kisses to you,
Your loving mama

Nargis was always in saris, but would sometimes wear a salwar kameez. Seen here with two-year-old Sanjay and six-month-old Namrata.

# Nargis' letter to Namrata (whose pet name was Anju), just after she left for the US the first time for cancer treatment. Everyone imagined she would be home within weeks. But it was almost a year before she could return.

Dearest Anju,

Your most affectionate letter - I opened in flight, but could not read right through - because I started crying - I am in such a mental condition, I have gone far away from all of you, and I don't what is going to happen, but I have faith in God, he is not going to be so cruel as to not send me back to all of you - I know how much all of you love me, keep praying for me that all will be well with me.

Please look after Sanju, see that he does not get mixed up with those silly boys again. He is too stupid in his head, he does not realize what he is doing and how it is going to pain him.

We are heading towards London, and from London there is another 7 hours journey - it is very tiring. As soon as we reach New York we will talk to you - give my love to Nix and tell her, her card was really sweet.

I won't forget to bring your candy, shoes, anything else you want, you must let me know after we give you the address. Lots of love & look after yourself and the house.


Saving Nargis from a fire accident during the filming of Mother India, Sunil suffered major burns. Nargis nursed him day and night while he convalesced at Mehboob Khan's home in Gujarat, near Umra village where the shooting of Mother India took place. By the time he recovered, they were in love..

# Nargis Dutt's will, bequeathing everything to her loving husband:

I am writing my will in control of all my faculties and in complete senses. This is to record that in eventuality of my passing away anytime anywhere any day, I want that all my belongings should be given to my husband Shri Sunil Dutt. My locker should be allowed to be opened by him.

He should be in full possession of everything in the locker and deal with the things in them as he likes.

My property should be transferred to him. I consider him the only person who can deal with every possession I have. Actually there is nothing that belongs to me; in fact everything is given to me by him.

He has been my mentor, my friend and a very loving husband, and a wonderful father to my children. I love them all with all my heart and soul. So God be with them at this hour of separation and I pray for a good life for all of them.

Mrs Nargis S Dutt

In 1979, the Dutt family posed for this photograph, which was sent to friends as a New Year card.

# Sanjay Dutt's letter to his sister Priya while he was held at Thane jail for possessing illegal arms.

Thane Jail,
29th Oct, '94

My dearest darling sister Pri,

Hi! I hope you all are fine, and I hope you all have got my speed post. The days are passing slow and it get boring in here, but I have to pass them somehow - I read, write and pray a lot.

I started reading the Ramayan today and it is fantastic. I really haven't seen you properly nor have I received any letter from you - please write back to me and tell me what's happening.

It's 11.30 at night right now and I can't sleep. I am thinking about all the Diwalis we all spent together and it makes me sad that I can't be with you all this year, but God willing and with the grace of Baba, we will have many more beautiful Diwalis together. Pri, this Diwali call Rhea (Pillai) home and let her spend Diwali with the family - it will make me real happy.

You know Pri today, I washed my room - I put water and then Dettol soap, took a jhadoo and really did safai (written in Hindi) like we used to do on our terrace and now my room is all shining.

Dad came to see me today and he was sounding pretty good and positive and that was good. I wonder what's happening. He keeps telling me that in November things will fall in place - I hope it is TRUE - I am dying to come back home now. It's enough.

How is Anju, Saachi and Siya (Namrata and her daughters)? Tell them I miss them and how is Bunts (Kumar Gaurav)? Tell him to have a drink for me. Rest all is fine. I just hope to be out soon - at least by Dec end or early Jan.

I pray to God to make that possible. I miss you all and love you all too much. Write and tell me what's happening, anything positive? Rest all fine - I love you and miss you too much.

Lots of love,
Your Bhaiya

PS: Where is Baba's photograph Anju was sending? Send it soon.

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gaurav said...

really heavy heartedly i read thru the will of mrs n dutt , she really loved her husband, who also loved her too much. It wud have been really life shattering for the dutt family to loose a family member lyk that. I think thats y sanju zeroed in on drugs. I mean i cant even imagine of loosing my mother,, He went thru it...
seeing all this i feel how life passes by and ppl move on now , sanju is happy with his wife and all... old time memories are always there to cherish....
I wish sanju a happy life