Monday, November 26, 2007

Gandhi cast to reunite after 25 years!

On the 25 Anniversary of Sir Richard Attenborough's eight Oscar winning film Gandhi , the entire cast and the crew of the film are getting ready for a heart warming reunion!

The venue will be Britain's most prestigious film awards BAFTA and the date is December 3rd.

Sir Ben Kingsley, one of the world's most honoured actors with four Academy Award nominations for his memorable role of Gandhi confirms the news.

"We are having a special screening of the film on the 25 years anniversary and the entire cast of the film is being reunited on this special occasion."

Are they inviting the Indian cast of the film as well?

"Thought I'm not empowered to invite the cast, but I'm being told that they are inviting all the cast of the film. I have already given my confirmation for the participation," Sir Ben says.

"In today's world the teaching and principle of Gandhi is needed and that's why we have decided to show the film again to the world. I remember last year, Gandhi was screened in the Palestine refugee camp and it had a soothing effects on the refugees. They were hugely influenced by Gandhi's Satyagraha movement and it was the most touching moment of my life. For Palestinians non-violence resistance has never been the guiding principle in their struggle with Israel.

I remember attending the screening, at the Palace of Culture and latter it was shown throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and in other refugee camps. It was also screened at the largest Palestinian refugee communities in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria."

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