Monday, November 19, 2007

Yana Gupta in Maxim for the second time!

Such is her appeal that for the second time this year Maxim has put Yana Gupta on the cover!

If you have wondered what Yana has been up to these days, then, let us inform you that she was in London, where she has not just created a mere whirlwind but a voluptuous volcano altogether, by posing for some real hot pictures in the latest issue of Maxim!

Yana reminded all her deprived fans that she hasn't moved to London forever.

It's just that she keeps traveling (read 'shuffling') between London and Mumbai as she is working (read 'songwriting') on a music album (which is going to be her kinda' stuff like jazz) in London, where she has found a pretty good producer who has produced albums with Bryan Adams and Sugababes!

Ask her about her present status and she is ready with an answer that she is single and is ready to mingle!

She states that her man is not about looks, achievements or money. It's just that he should gotta be smart, coz this gorgeous lady doesn't like hanging out with brainless hunks. There's one more hint for all the 'probables' that if you want to 'floor' her (not literally, you freak!) make her laugh and simply be witty.

Yana was cool as cucumber during this near-bare-all shoot, for the only reason that it was shot in London, which - according to this lovely lady - is a cool place to-do such shoots since 'people there are comfortable with nudity'!

So, the next time, you plan to work with this lady, you know how to make her 'feel at ease'… London is the way to go, guys!

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