Monday, December 3, 2007

Aamir Khan’s free act!

Everyone is aware that Aamir Khan is one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood.

According to trade reports, he got around 20 crores for his forthcoming untitled film which is Gajini's remake.

However very few people know that if he believes in a cause then he can do things even without charging a single penny!

Recently for a promotional event of Taare Zameen Par, Aamir Khan met and spent a day with kids from an NGO. While interacting with them he become so moved with their plight that he volunteered to do a series of promos for them free of cost to help these kids out.

Now that's a noble thought!


c e e d y said...

yes, this is what i beleive, people like him or also like us...who are lucky enuf to be educated and earn a living and be on our feet should always give back to the any form they can, donation, time, or just a shoulder sometime....
and thx for the comment...i do write poems but only post interesting ones :)

Ravi said...

Alright buddy I got the point! Keep writing those lovely've got yourself a new admirer ;)

Cheers pal!