Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto was offered a Bollywood role in 1972!!

As you all know, Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated yesterday after addressing a large gathering of her supporters in Pakistan.

While browsing the web today, I came across an interesting article related to her and thought of sharing it with you all.

Years ago, when a shy, 19-year-old Benazir Bhutto visited India for the first time, she was bowled over by an unusual proposal.

Well-known Bollywood comedian, the late I.S. Johar, offered her the lead role in a Hindi movie!

"The incident happened in 1972 when Benazir had accompanied her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for the historic Shimla Agreement in the wake of the India-Pakistan war the previous year," recalled Bollywood historian Amar Solanki.

A veteran Gujarati film director himself, Solanki said that Johar always courted controversy.

"By making the offer to Benazir, he shot to prominence in India, Pakistan and even Bangladesh which had been created in the aftermath of the war," he said.

However, Benazir politely declined Johar's proposal, saying she was destined for a different role in life.

May her soul rest in peace...


Rashi said...

tht was an interesting piece of info...

Ravi said...

@rashi - Yup! And that's why as soon as I saw this, I immediately posted it on my blog..

Thanks for stopping by Rashi :)

Take care!

Anjuli said...

Ravi thanks for the lovely information, I have always felt that Benazir was just...Gorgeous!

just a request...please change the label of the post,I guess its inappropriate....

Ravi said...

@Anjuli - I'm not interested in politics at all, but I always felt that these women (Benazir, Princess Diana, Indira Gandhi) would have done wonders if they were still in power..however none of my 3 fav ladies are alive now..

Please suggest an appropriate label and I would change it ASAP, mam :)

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Anjuli said...

itna likhte ho, socho....koi achha label mil hi jaayega...

Ravi said...

@Anjuli - Well...basically this is a Bollywood gossip blog mam so I generally have lables related to Bollywood only.

Since this topic is little off-the-records, I thought of adding it to "Bollywood Gossip" only, but then after reading your comment I also felt I should have given it a different label..

Since it was YOU who has given me this feeling, it would be gr8 agar aap hi mujhe koi accha and suitable sa label bata do :))

If your label is in tune with my Bollywood blog, it would be replaced with immediate effect!

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